Shekinah Homes Society hires values based, person focused personnel that are interested and capable of helping our core members live lives that are meaningful to them. Our team members work hard to ensure our core members have what they need and live in homes that reflect who they are and are safe, healthy, happy places to be.


Relief Assistant

Role Summary

The Live-Out/Relief Assistants are responsible for providing support to the core member and assistance to the Communal Living Assistants, by creating a feeling of home and family for Core Members and others living in the household. They work in collaboration with their house team to ensure the well-being, growth and development of Core Members in the various aspects of their lives in accordance with Shekinah’s principles, values and Essence of Life philosophy. Live-Out/Relief Assistants are expected to relate well with all Core and team Members, and have the respect of those who put their trust in them. They will advocate and support Core Members in all areas of daily living. Live-Out/Relief Assistants will take initiative in the home, be reliable, develop their competencies in an on-going way and be a participating valued member of the house team and the Shekinah community.

Home Coordinator

Role Summary

The Home Coordinator is responsible for the development, coordination, and monitoring of residential and other program services in accordance with the philosophies, policies, and procedures of Shekinah Homes Society and all relevant Legislation and Regulations (e.g. including. but is not limited to Community Living BC, VIHA Residential Care Regulations, CARF, Employment Standards). The Home Coordinator is responsible for all supervisory and personnel related matters for Shekinah Homes Society residential and other program services assigned. The Home Coordinator performs all duties in a safe, efficient, and respectful manner in order to promote choice, independence, and integration for the core members being served. The Home Coordinator is also the key person to communicate with families and the Community Director.

Communal Living Assistant

Shekinah boasts a unique model that pulls people together from all over the world to the beautiful West Coast of Victoria, BC. Its natural beauty, oceans and beaches, country and vibrant city draws people from far and wide.

The role of a CLA is to assist the core member in all aspects of their daily life, as well as helping them reach their bigger goals. A CLA gets to know each core member and learns their unique language, learns who they are and how to best help live the life they desire and choose. To be a communal living assistant requires one to live in the home as family. It is a position of trust, responsibility and growth. We request at least a two-year commitment to the Shekinah Community.

Why Become a CLA?

As a live-in assistant, the journey begins with an invitation to make your home in one of the Shekinah homes. There you will accompany Core Members in their activities of daily life. You must possess a willingness to be open, learn and grow with the core members in their journey through life. Sharing life and supporting the Core Members as family is what being a live in assistant is all about. Assistants create a home with the Core Members and support them in dignified, meaningful activities that enable them to reach their full potential and share their gifts with others.

Consider some of the following benefits of joining Shekinah Homes Society:

First and foremost it’s the people

Shekinah Homes Society is a warm, welcoming, multi-cultural, multi-faith community.

Second, it’s the experience

Put your education and background to work in a setting that provides wonderful training for a career in health care. Learn leadership skills and the benefits of community life. Many of our Assistants from overseas discover that Shekinah Homes Society is an ideal gateway to a new language and culture.

Third, it’s the setting

Victoria, British Columbia, located on the southeastern tip of Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast, is one of North America’s most picturesque cities. Enjoy a mild year-around climate, quick and easy access to nature, and a quality of life that features all the amenities of urban living in a city small enough to have retained its character and charm.

Fourth, it’s the inclusive spirit

Everyone has a voice at Shekinah Homes Society. Decisions are made as a community, sometimes with much spirited debate. We follow contemporary, progressive ideas about what it means to be an intentional community. Our goal: To honor and empower not only our Core Members, but also all who live and work here.

How We Recruit

Our decisions are based equally on an applicant’s skills and values. Basic health care knowledge and training is essential, including First Aid and CPR Certification, Food Safe Certification, Class 4 or 5 Drivers License, and a doctors note stating you are exempt of serious illnesses (TB, Hep B, etcetera).

These functional abilities must be augmented with compassion and patience that contributes to family values. Applicants need to be able to move into a Core Member’s reality and to see the world through his or her eyes. In this way, our Assistants relate to each Core Member in a respectful, non-judgmental manner.

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