Our Philosophy

Shekinah translated has a few meanings; all of which help paint the picture of who we are; a safe dwelling for people and spirit. Shekinah is guided by the Essence of Life Philosophy, which provides us with the tools to assist core members in living a fulfilling life of their choosing. The Essence of Life is a practical approach to ensuring core members remain at the centre of their life by promoting citizenship, connectedness, personal values, choice, inclusion and safety.

Our Vision

We envision a moral and just society where all people are given the opportunity to love, learn, work and play in inclusive communities. Where the worth and unique value of each person is revealed and honored, and where we joyfully celebrate our humanity, spirituality and chosen faith.

Our Mission

Helping people with developmental disabilities flourish by creating loving homes and opportunities to grow within a secure and caring community.
Shekinah Homes Society holds a set of values that guide the beliefs we share and how we work as a community:

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