About Us

The Shekinah Homes Society is a community of people residing in Victoria, British Columbia on Canada’s beautiful west coast.

Shekinah Homes Society’s purpose is to support adults with developmental disabilities as respected and valued members of society by ensuring they have opportunities for personal growth and self determination. Our collective lifestyle is built upon shared values, yet we each carry within us individual hope, dreams and aspirations. The Shekinah philosophy¬† embraces the potential of human life and the spirit of community. This enables us to make informal choice in homes provided and maintained by society.

Who We Are

Shekinah Homes Society traces its origins to the establishment of L’Arche (formerly L’Arche Victoria) founded in 1975 by Margaret O’Donnell and Maria Dady, which was slowly developed into a community of homes in the Victoria, Fernwood neighborhood. The organization became the Shekinah Homes Society in 2003, following an intense period of strategic planning. While wholly independent of L’Arche Canada, Shekinah Homes Society retains our original vision and philosophy.

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Our Vision

We envision a moral and just society where all people are given the opportunity to love, learn, work and play in inclusive communities. Where the worth and unique value of each person is revealed and honored, and where we joyfully celebrate our humanity, spirituality and chosen faith.

Our Mission

  • To build a spiritually-based community life with persons with developmental disabilities, their families and other community members.
  • To establish a foundation for spiritually-centered holistic support.
  • To serve as advocates for the actualization of self determination.
  • To empower persons with the knowledge and opportunity.
  • To make informed choices and exercise control over their lives.
  • To create a climate for positive social change that enables each person to be a respected and valued member of community and society.
  • To create opportunities for personal growth.
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